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Please feel free to comment and make suggestions to improve the code. Im working on a program to interface with some hardware that is sending data that has been encoded and wrapped to send within a CDATA block in an XML document. If you have any questions you can always contact us or open an issue. You can take a look at the good first issues to get started.

Whatever it may be, 0xdgb leaves interpretation up to the viewer and lets his art speak for him — which it has. 0xdgb is an anonymous digital artist who approaches his work through the frame of minimalism. With over a decade of experience in illustration and graphic design, his works capture the subtle beauty of what might otherwise be seen as the mundane and often revolve around art and storytelling. Oxdgb finds inspirations in various forms, from architecture to photography and from artists like Hiroshi Nagai, Ed Ruscha, and Banksy. I have successfully deciphered what is going on with this now. To turn my original hex string into the required format I’m using this code, hope this helps someone else in the future.

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X64dbg has many features thought of or implemented by the reversing community. As of late, his most popular works depict native Web3 and NFT events — refined to their most relatable forms. For the artist, his works are not only a method of self-expression but also a means of self-soothing. Simply put, xdgb he makes art that he enjoys, in hopes that others might as well. Examples of this are found in his signature surveillance camera. A symbol which might be viewed as a personification of the constant surveillance of our digital lives or perhaps the transparency provided by blockchain technology.