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Il breve tipo: Nel 1954, il dottor George King è stato dato una nota dal non identificato chiedendo lui to take serenity to the world e aumentare mans conoscenza mondo. He stabilito una organizzazione senza scopo di lucro chiamata The Aetherius culture to share with tu gli insegnamenti di un intelligenza ultraterrena che aiutano di mentalità aperta persone tentativo un viaggio di risveglio spirituale. Per molto tempo, la comunità ha raccolto positivo carburante da centinaia di fan e amici esattamente chi preoccuparsi seriamente pertinenza mettere un po ‘ mondo molto di più amorevole luogo. Se questo umanitario obiettivo parla verso principi, puoi studiare come offerta la causa principale ottenendo aggrovigliato in un vicino parte negli usa, Regno Unito, Canada, Continente australiano, Giappone, Svezia, insieme paesi globally. Dalla regolare preghiera classi ai pellegrinaggi annuali, The Aetherius Society attinge a una conoscenza cosmica e spirituale energia quale al di là di opinione.


Love in realtà un mistico energia per universo. L’amore collega gente, ispira azioni, e dà indicando a decine di vite fisiche. Mentre noi non potremmo costantemente capirlo, l’amore è essenziale a cosa indica diventare personal and just what it metodo per finire per essere vivace. Richard Lawrence, il segretario esecutivo associato al Aetherius Society per paesi europei, compare amo acqua in uno solo di loro sermoni: “Proprio come vita come sappiamo nel mondo non poteva esiste senza h2o, niente quando guardi il mercato potrebbe verificarsi senza amore. “

La Società di Aetherius è storica religiosa organizzazione focalizzata attorno a spirituale comprensione e atti umanitari. People in the community fiducia una maggiore chiamata per fornire umanità raccogliendo e trasmissioni positivo elettricità. Nel 1955, un visionario pilates grasp chiamato Dr. George King creato worldwide religioso comunità dopo che il ragazzo ottenuto telepatico comunicazioni da un aumento alieno intelligenza. Lui credeva era assolutamente suo responsabilità condividere equamente il rimanere ottimista informazioni di compassione, serenità, e really love.

Now, The Aetherius Society has una presenza a Londra, L. A., e alcuni centri urbani in tutto il mondo. Its utenti generalmente legame per distribuire godere e terapeutico elettricità entro comunità e per il pianeta. Nel caso in cui ti senti attratto da questa sacra obiettivo, possibile check-out una lezione, vai a un pellegrinaggio, o partecipa a altri guarigione tradizioni con organizzazione|azienda|azienda|business} nonprofit. Tutti gli altri, indipendentemente da il loro background o credenze, in realtà questa è partecipa negli tentativi di Aetherius community, aumentano il loro religioso comprensione , per trovare un maggiore funzione nella vita quotidiana.

“from begin, very own primary dog was solution to the world, “menzionato il reverendo Oscar E. León di questo Aetherius Società. “Siamo proprio qui provare a inviare quanto alto religioso potere a tutti una volta possiamo. “

Dr. George King iniziato il Religious Movement nel 1955

In May 1954, a message è venuto a Dr. George King, chi era semplicemente una conoscenza di pilates e una trance ipnotica medium, while he was a student in their dull in London. A gentle, yet firm, vocals outside their human body believed to him: “prepare! You’re to become the voice associated with the Interplanetary Parliament.”

Now, George had never been aware of an interplanetary parliament, nevertheless ethereal terms remaining him stunned. The guy understood he previouslyn’t imagined all of them, but he could not comprehend what they designed. The guy spent the remainder of his existence trying to understand the plan established by that prophetic original get in touch with. Although he could not describe why, he said the guy understood undoubtedly he have been contacted by an alien and strong force to assist deliver mankind right back from the brink of devastation.

By growing his religious understanding and forging telepathic channels, George heard several other messages from extraterrestrial communicators, such as a Venusian Master called the Aetherius, in fact it is a Greek term meaning tourist through ether.

George formally began The Aetherius Society in 1955. Their objective were to distribute the theories of the alien gods and lead others down a path of enlightenment and comfort. The company provides since grown into a major international action encompassing hundreds of souls focused on residing and enjoying on a greater religious degree.

Look for the incredible story of Dr. George King’s life work right here. As George themselves said, “I do perhaps not ask the unbeliever to believe at a time, but just demand he can be applied that which Aetherius states to his own reason.”

Get a hold of treatment & reason on Pilgrimages to Holy Mountains

What connections members of The Aetherius Society collectively is a strong, heartfelt want to help others while making globally a much better spot. Folks from all areas of life, from Quakers to atheists, find their way into Aetherius Society. “the members come from different backgrounds sufficient reason for various examples of religious growth,” Oscar stated, “nonetheless they all show the internal expertise or urge become of spiritual service to everyone.”

The organization allows you for newcomers attain involved by pleasant them to go to divine services or prayer rituals. All week-long, people can submerge themselves during the sermons, lectures, courses, and religious undertakings on the community. You’ll be able to look-up events on the internet and discover once regional part convenes. The academic and friendly atmosphere encourages women and men to indulge in the visualizations, mantras, and prayers centered on fostering globe comfort.

“It’s all very positive,” Oscar told united states. “we’ve got plenty powerful prayers and traditions accustomed cleanse the nature and treat the whole world.”

The Aetherius culture’s the majority of time-honored customs is its pilgrimages to holy mountains which contain huge amounts of religious power. The organization understands 19 hills charged with enormous religious value. Since 1959, countless members have actually traveled into the mountains to recharge and progress their own spirits.

During times during the situation, the community draws from these holy websites to produce positive electricity in to the globe to offset natural disasters, wartime conflict, political upheavals, and various other person disasters.

“anyone of every level of development can go to the mountains and participate in a selfless work of solution to get hold of the spiritual efforts included within it,” Oscar informed you. “the ability differs from one individual to another, but it’s usually really positive and beneficial. Individuals of all faiths, or no certain faith, are welcome to join these pilgrimages.”

Open-Minded people provide their own knowing & Support

From Ca to Australian Continent, numerous considerate individuals have come to be supporters regarding the Aetherius community and discovered common surface with spiritual people who communicate comparable philosophy. Often the corporation has actually even fostered dedicated passionate relationships.

Oscar told united states he found their partner at an Aetherius Society occasion. She ended up being a pal of a single regarding the users and went to an Operation energy Prayer occasion because she was actually interested in learning the culture. The woman genuine interest and good attitude caught Oscar’s interest. The guy informed you the guy values the woman capability to understand his thinking and share their targets.

Now they can be cheerfully hitched and invested in alike factor in promoting comfort globally. “She recognizes the significance of serving mankind,” he stated. “our very own relationship has been priceless to my own personal spiritual development. It has been a blessing in plenty ways.”

Through Aetherius culture, countless kind-hearted individuals have located neighborhood and companionship. The corporation stops working obstacles between folks and stimulates linking on an increased spiritual airplane.

“it is very essential currently inside our history to bring individuals together and achieve beyond borders,” Oscar said. “the leader in The Aetherius Society’s lessons is the fact that we have been one human race, and then we have to cooperate a lot more with each other.”

The Aetherius community Brings Enlightenment Through Service

“admiration is actually an all-permeating electricity, and that is above head,” Dr. George King as soon as stated in a sermon. “This is the fantastic power associated with cosmos.”

Although George died in 1997, their vital information schedules on in The Aetherius Society. The will to do great, express love, and unite humankind pushes the company ahead, and now a new generation of spiritual people have stepped-up to guide the Society when you look at the 21st millennium.

Through typical sermons, pilgrimages, alongside holy undertakings, The Aetherius culture features furthered the religious journeys of countless people throughout the world. Anybody can relate genuinely to people in this area and find worth in its theories of love, serenity, and recognition.

“It’s a cosmic purpose, but it is prepared for every person,” Oscar told you. “the users, visitors, and sympathizers share a desire to offer which help treat the whole world through a larger cosmic understanding of the universe.”

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