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And that’s where we need to share the privileges and the rewards that flexibility can offer with them. Smart companies do things like give people 10 learning days that they can do remotely, they can use however they want, once a week, two consecutive weeks. But give people some of the privileges that people are experiencing and a little bit can go a very long way. And we need to be very honest about what are the things that we can do from home or not. The synchronous/asynchronous speaks to real-time live versus delayed. On many occasions, for example, if you need to process complex information as a group, the worst thing you can do is get on a video call to talk about complex information that needs to be processed, digested.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, below are some of our favorites. It’s not an overstatement to say that there’s a podcast for everything these days. Spotify alone currently hosts over 3.2 million podcasts. From niche topics to mainstream pop culture, podcasts cover basically anything you can think of. As far as advice, I think what I’ve had success doing in my life is trying to do a personal inventory.

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And there’s nothing wrong with having work friends, but I think the situations in which work becomes the primary source of all of your connection is more indicative of an unhealthy relationship with work just generally. I don’t think there’s a lot of good evidence that kind of soft work is so important to creativity and innovation. And so I think that there is some of that, simply having a familiar relationship. Observing somebody day in, day out in person gives you a lot of information about them that it’s difficult to pick up in other environments.

This THX-Certified microphone offers unrivaled clarity while offering leading technology for crisp, clear recordings. Compatible with iOS and Windows, Hindenburg PRO has membership offerings for personal, business, or educational needs. Personal use memberships start at $12 per month and $99 per year, while business memberships start at $20 per month and $200 per year. Audacity is a free, open-source audio recording and editing software allowing podcasters to record mix, and produce audio. Known for its user-friendliness, online tutorials, and high-quality audio, Audacity has all the essential features a beginner podcaster needs to get started. Previously known as Anchor, Spotify for Podcasters is a podcast-making app and hosting platform.

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In keeping with our distributed-first mindset, the majority of our learning and development activities happen online. This ranges from live and virtual facilitator-led sessions to online working from home podcast courses and tutorials for self-led learning. We’ll make sure your home working space meets the needs of your role and offer you the same or similar equipment you’d enjoy at the office.

And it’s something that you’re going to succeed at some days and fail at on a multitude of days. This is part of the messy part of being human, and it requires constant vigilance and constant inventory and a constant reassessment of is the way that I’m living my life in line with what I want out of it? But I think for everyone, it’s beneficial to take that time and really take that stock. I think that’s a really nice place to start coming to an end here. Before we get to our final question I just want to end where you end the book, which is your letter to workers, and here’s my particular question for you. We can even pass public policy that makes work less central.